What Is Progressive Profiling & Why You Should Use It?

Have you ever wondered how many customers have never come back to your website just because you asked a bit too much information during their first visit?

The importance of data for marketing is clear to everyone. It will help us customize the user experience and generate more accurate sale leads. But how can we keep the balance while gathering information?

The answer is Progressive profiling

Progressive profiling consists of a series of dynamic forms presented over time. In other words, each time a user visits your website, he/she will be asked to fill in a very short form with different fields. These forms should reflect your most important objectives.

A simple example of forms would be as below:

First visit:         Name, Email
Second visit:    Company, Title
Third visit:       Phone number, Location
Fourth visit:    Challenges, Budget

Progressive Profiling would not happen over time. It demands patience; However, when done right it would significantly affect your conversion rate while creating a great experience for your customers.

Sounds interesting? Give it a try and let me know how it’s working for you!

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