What Is Evergreen Content & Why Is It Important?

Blogging stays the most popular content marketing strategy with over 2 million blog posts published every single day! Therefore, positioning your content in front of your audience is getting harder everyday especially when you are only getting started.

Creating Evergreen Content is one of the marketing strategies which can help you in this matter.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is the type of content which does not contain any expiration date. Meaning it would stay relevant to your audience regardless of time. And by doing so it will improve your SEO, ranking, and website traffic.


How can Evergreen Content improve your ranking?

In case your content is established around a specific subject related to a limited period of time, or it contains numbers, stats, or short-term trends ( e.g. fashion styles ), it’s no surprise that the content would be outdated after a while. Once your data is not relevant to the current time frame search engines would consider them as outdated and they would not be shown once users search for your keywords.

Evergreen Content, however, eliminates this issue by staying fresh regardless of the date.
Hence, your content would be more likely to stand out over and over again.

How to start with Evergreen Content?

To start with, here are some ideas:

  1. Use your personal research data or available case studies

  2. Provide “How to…” guides for your niche

  3. Create lists of the best practices, ideas or recommendations

  4. Answer Frequently Asked Questions


While creating Evergreen Content would be more complex and time-consuming, it would save you a huge deal of time and effort in a long term.

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